Sometimes, A Story Just Grabs You…

Not too long ago, I hosted an open call for a spec writer. I asked anyone interested in writing a snarky paranormal YA on spec to submit a sample scene, either of an existing work or something they wrote just … Continue reading

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Open Call for Snarky YA writer – Short List announced

This was hard. Much harder than I thought it would be, in fact. I received 118 entries in my open call for a spec writer, and there were a lot of talented submissions. Some, I felt, were fantastic reads but … Continue reading

Open Call for Paranormal YA Writer “On Spec”

Ever have a great idea and wish you could read it in a book or see it in a movie? Well, I have those kinds of ideas all the time. Like all. The. Time. ; ) I’m constantly combing through … Continue reading

Bad Reviews, Statistics, and Underwater Basket Weaving

One of the hardest parts of this business is putting yourself out there for “an honest review”. This is true for both authors and editors alike, I assure you. Every bad review one of my authors has received has caused … Continue reading

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Five Reasons You Should Have An Agent…Or Not

I’m often asked by authors if I think they should have an agent or not. My answer is usually the same:  Well, it depends. Every author is different. Every career has different goals. And all agents are not created equal. … Continue reading

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It Takes A Tome…

I’ve been bullied. I’ve been bribed. Heck, I’ve been bamboozled into thinking it was important I share my love for tomes (how my authors lovingly refer to the “short” emails I post to our author loop regarding Entangled business and … Continue reading

Demystifying Deep POV in Five Minutes (or less)

You’ve heard it talked about in craft workshops and writing groups and have likely been told by a critique partner or two you need to go deeper into your character’s POV. Deep POV, baby, it’s all the rage! But what … Continue reading

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